Founder & CEO: Mittelstandsdesign

„I help companies transfer their successful offline business to the digital world. Be that by a unique digital product or an international marketing campaign.“

Sebastian Röltgen is an experienced Internet marketing and business expert. He has worked with some of Europe’s leading companies e.g. Zalando, Siemens, Unicredit, Commerzbank.

Many of Sebastian clients are established and successful service companies, which seek his help to extend their business to the digital world.

“We work with companies that are already wildly successful in the old world. With our help they achieve the same success on the Internet.

The start of the transformation is often a new website, a company video, or a unique customer focused app. The end result is a fully functional online business.

To achieve the best results for his clients, Sebastian has brought together the dedicated team of Mittelstandsdesign.

Besides creating digital products, Mittelstandsdesign operates as a media buying company.

„We plan, launch and scale result-orientated marketing campaigns worldwide for our clients in both mobile and web. In plain words: We help our clients to reach new customers and users.”

Wildly successful marketing campaigns are the result. Increasing the lead inflow about 300% is nothing unusual.

To achieve those results, Sebastian focuses on the needs and wants of his client’s customer. From the clients perspective, there are almost no limits to a marketing campaign.

“The only true limit is our clients‘ capacity for new customers”

Sebastian and the team of Mittelstandsdesign are operating from Berlin.

To get in touch with Sebastian and his team click here.